Chief Keef’s Faneto Causes a Floor To Collapse

Chief Keef's "Faneto" got students so hyped, their floor collapsed!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Watch your step next time you’re in the club and the DJ decides to throw on “Faneto”, especially if you’re on the second floor or above!

On Sunday, students attending a frat party at South Carolina’s Clemson University’s Woodland Apartments were caught completely off-guard when the floor below them caved in as they jumped up and down to Chief Keef’s “Faneto”. Several snaps captured the exact moment when a room full of college kids bounced a hole into the floor, injuring 30. So far, none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening, but some did suffer broken bones. Yikes.

The President of CU, Jim Clements, took to Twitter to express his concern, stating “I’m monitoring the situation, and my thoughts and prayers are with all who were injured. Our entire student support system will be available for any student impacted”. Keef hasn’t posted openly regarding the matter.