Chris Brown Calls Out TMZ Right Before They Started Codeine Use Rumors


Photo via Chris Brown's Instagram

Chris Brown is not here for TMZ and their antics. He logged on to Twitter to let fans know his prediction that TMZ would run a bogus story on him because according to him they called his publicist about some "bullsh*t." According to Breezy, he knew they'd run the story because he said they aren't getting any traffic. Well, sure enough TMZ ran a story about Chris Brown allegedly having a "sizzurp" addiction and his family and friends allegedly being extremely worried about him. As "evidence", TMZ showed pictures of Chris and friends with plastic cups and double Styrofoam cups as well as what they say is a bottle of codeine. Chris posted this morning,

"Media is so predictable now."

Was codeine in Breezy's cup? find out on the next episode of .....

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