Chris Brown Confirms Whether Or Not He’s Upset With Quavo


Chris Brown is apparently fed up with the fake news reports. Rumor hit that Chris Brown was allegedly mad at his good friend, Migos member Quavo, since Quavo has been rumored to be dating Breezy’s ex, Karrueche.

by ClassicOne Rumors.

(AllHipHop Rumors)

Chris Brown has told the public a time or two that TMZ makes up stories on him, and they never get their facts right when it comes to him. He even posted and deleted a repost from a fan that said,

“If you read an article that says “Sources close to Chris Brown told TMZ” and you keep reading it or believe it, CONGRATS YOU’RE A MORON.”

While TMZ may have gotten this one wrong, I’m still wondering how Quavo is getting off the hook easy with Chris Brown since we know that Chris has beefed with everyone about that girl. Chris is definitely not over her. Do you think Chris just doesn’t want those problems with Quavo and Migos?