Chris Brown Shoots His Shot At Rihanna AGAIN!

Chris Brown puts himself on the digital front street once again.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Chris Brown is more than an interesting dude. I don't really know what to make of him some times! Now, brother was the golden child for the longest time and then he beat up Rihanna. After doing that, he was the bastard son of Hitler and Gertrude Baniszewski! Now, I get it...what he did was terrible, but those that know....KNOW! But, brother man continues to do things that baffle. And most recently, he shot his shot at RIHANNA yet again! Rihanna was celebrating something with her Fenty Wear and he decided to drop a comment. This is Big Trollin!

Moreover, this is a bit creepy. I am surprised she has not blocked him. Chris is sure a demanding dude...LOL! New Music? LOL! Chris dropped like a quadruple album recently didn't he? Anyway, with Rihanna dating a billionaire dude, CB doesn't stand a chance in hell with her. I hope he can get that other babe back. Wait, she's moved on as well. No shade, but this is a buster move.

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Chris Brown ain't over her after all these years.. Monitoring spirit.. Lol