Chris Rock Cheated On His Wife & Lived Out His Movie Fantasy With This Actress!

AllHipHop Staff

New reports are suggesting that Comedian/Actor Chris Rock cheated on his wife with another famous Actress.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Chris Rock is one of comedies greatest comedians of all time. The New York-born funnyman is one of the few to turn his stand up career into a successful career as an actor.

Chris Rock got one of his first big comedic breaks by appearing as a cast member on the NBC show "Saturday Night Live." Shortly after Chris would go on to land memorable movie roles that would help develop his legacy.

His career as a stand-up comedian would explode after his "Bigger and Blacker" special premiered on HBO. Chris Rock would become one of America's go-to comedians after that. Rock recently released his latest stand-up special “Tamborine” on Netflix.

The special presents a seasoned Chris Rock delivering new material in front of a sold-out audience. A few of the jokes were personal and some even dove into his recent divorce from his wife.

Rumors have been swirling about what could cause a breakup of the longtime special and Chris would even state that he cheated and was a terrible husband during the special.

Now rumors are flying about who the comedian cheated on his wife with and fingers are pointing to his "I Think I Love My Wife" co-star Kerry Washington. Washington is now married, but during the film, she played a beautiful woman Rock's character wish he got the chance to hook up with.

According to rumors, a hookup actually happened between the pair. That rumored hookup would be one of the later reasons why Rock's wife would divorce him.