Clout Chaser Tries To Get 50 Cent To Fight Him!

50 Cent nobody's fool! He does not fall for the okey doke, but it is funny to watch.

(AllHipHop Rumors) How in the hell did this get to this? This dude runs up on 50 Cent when he is out on a date with a beautiful woman and is trying to get a shout out on IG. Now, 50 Cent ain't no fool. This dude just happened to have a camera out and was recording the whole thing. It seemed to me like he was trying to get 50 to hit him. He said, "You gonna hit me? You gonna hit me, because I'm telling you I got talent?" He also could have been super scared of Fif. He wasn't scared enough. He keeps talking to the mogul and even tries to get a shout out on IG! WTF!? 50 even says, "Its not gonna work...its not gonna work right now. Your sh*t is not gonna work. You know why? Because you're stupid. The way you approaching me is wrong."" Look at it!

DAMN BRO! Talk about entitlement! That dude really thought he could run up on 50 and DEMAND something!? That was likely the dumbest thing he's ever done! He's a pretty cool dude, but I think people get it screwed up, like they do with their people skills. 50 is not going to be receptive to you and your shenanigans!

The big winner is this one! Nikki Nicole!

She's a stunner! She's from the Black Ink Crew.

Back to the Haitian rapper.

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Ummmmm...I'm curious what makes Nikki Nicole the winner? Did 50 fly her to some exotic location only a few people can get to after the dinner & movie? To quote 50 himself unless she has a baby by him & becomes a Millionaire at this point she's probably 1 of thousands of chick's he's been on dates with. If you are saying she's a winner as in a Beautiful Woman then you are spot on! By the way dude is a fucking MORON!!!!!