Comedic War: Kevin Hart & Michael Blackson Are Beefing, T.I. Responds


Kevin got caught cheating, Michael laughed with the rest of the world about it, and Tip wants Mike to simmer down.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Kevin Hart's recent visit to The Breakfast Club had both serious and comedic moments.

While Kevin Hart was very open about his cheating scandal, some of his fans felt his interview called for a few side-eye moments.

Kevin went in on his ex-wife again, by explaining the timeline of his relationship with wife Eniko Hart.

According to Kevin, he was never messing with Eniko while he was married to Torrei Hart, and he blames Torrei for the flack that Eniko got for being painted as an alleged homewrecker.

Kevin also explained that his recent cheating scandal was different than his cheating in the past because he says that he actually loves Eniko. Wow!

Torrei wasn't the only person Kevin addressed.

He also went in on fellow comedian Michael Blackson.

He expressed his disappointment in Mike going in on him about the situation, and he also compared Michael to an Instagram model/thot who just does things for attention and likes.

Blackson, like many, poked fun at Kevin on Instagram when Kevin had to break the news that he was being extorted.

Blackson also had his own cheating scandal, so maybe he did it all in good fun. According to Kevin, Michael is burning bridges while trying to get a few likes.

You know it didn't take long for Michael to respond!

"This sensitive midget beech just called me an ig model lol? That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen from you since your blurry ass sex tape in which your dum ass snitched on yourself crying like a lil bitch because some thot wanted 10 m’s in her bank account. Call your writers because when I’m done with you u will commit suicide by jumping off the curb you short fuck. Videos coming soon. You fooled America too long you corny pitbull looking beech," said Blackson.

T.I. even responded by saying,

"Yo you tripping Cuzz. Yall Comedians Remember? This sound like tough guy G-sh-t talk. I'm confused #knockitoffmyguy @michaelblackson," said Tip.

I'm sure no real beef will come out of this, but it seems like some great comedy will. Carry on!

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Michael is that dude... Kevin Hart smell that fear. Michael is one funny MFer!


yeah best thing is to ignore some shit pr roast back.


It seems Kevin can't stand being the brunt of a joke but he knows how to dish it...