Compton Fights Chris Brown / Soulja Boy Boxing Match

A city jumps in the fight! This Soulja Boy / Chris Brown boxing match might be fun and entertainment to some of us, but to others, its much more.

(AllHipHop Rumors) YG, the Bloods and Compton are crying foul to a fight that may actually bring us all years of crap to talk about.

Now, it seems the OG’s are stepping in – ON INSTAGRAM. Like I said – Instagram. This means, it can be anybody, anywhere and we don’t know for sure who they are. That said, we know who YG is. And he made a bold statement:

It all started with the man known as Wack100, who happens to be The Game’s manager.

Here is the official flyer:

Right now, most people have Chris Brown winning in a knockout over Soulja Boy. See and vote below.