Conor McGregor Has Epic Meltdown Which Could Send Him To Prison!

Conor McGregor recently had a huge meltdown while in New York for UFC’s next live event.

By: Rico Panacea

(AllHipHop Rumors) Conor McGregor is the undisputed bad boy of UFC and the MMA world. His antics are Floyd Mayweather like, but sometimes they go too far.

Earlier today, Conor went nuts and it's looking like he has put his career as a fighter in jeopardy. While in New York for UFC 223, Conor and his goons smashed a bus at the Barclays Center carrying other fighters.

Conor and crew seemed to be very upset about UFC Prez Dana White stripping him of his lightweight championship belt because the dude has been "inactive."

This made Conor freak out at a media event at Barclay's Center in Brooklyn earlier today, where he attacked a bus and knocked out some windows.

Dana White was understandably mad and told TMZ that he was very disappointed and upset.

"He's going to jail!!! People are gonna sue him. He's gonna have a bunch of civil lawsuits," said White, who confirmed an arrest warrant has been issued for Conor.

The entire incident is crazy as White recently announced Conor would have a UFC fight this year. It's looking like Conor McGregor has gotten himself into some deep trouble this time.