Conspiracy Theorists Say Derek Chauvin's Murder Of George Floyd Is "Staged"....


Some feel that the death of George Floyd is too clean and doesn't make sense.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Yesterday, George Floyd was laid to rest. The man was a beloved father, son, big brother, Hip-Hop artist, basketball star and so much more to those that loved him. For me, he was a Black man that did not deserve to die in the manner that he expired. 

The funeral did not stop the pervasive rumors that have dogged the whole thing since Derek Chauvin's mug shot showed up. So, to be clear, I don't subscribe to these conspiracy theories. I have been known to push a theory or two, but this ain't one of them. Still, I think these thoughts and ideas are worth exploring. 

Here are 10 reasons why all of this may have been staged. 

1. The mug shot of the killer doesn't match

2. The cop in the video has been traced to an actor named Benjamin Ray Bailey. (Illseed note: This absolutely does not make sense to me)

3. On close up of the Asian officer and Derek Chauvin's badges don't match. They look like costume badges.

3. No EMT ever arrived. An emergency vehicle showed up but no EMT. Only cops got out of the emergency vehicle. 

5. There were no efforts to revive George Floyd. No CPR or mouth to mouth. 

6. When you look at the positioning of the knee that killed George Floyd, it wasn't directly on the neck. Very little force was applied. 

 7. George Floyd had a closed casket. Why? He wasn't shot in the face nor was he mutilated. 

8. The casket size seemed very small. Floyd was a big, big man at 6'6". He wouldn't have fit in that little casket, as nice as it was.

9. Why a public funeral?

10. The death was staged or done to implement martial law and insert chaos.

I have seen this a lot too: "I think this was a filmed public execution of a black man by a white cop, with the purpose of creating racial tensions." 

I have to say there's a lot to refute here, but maybe there is something there. I definitely have seen aspects of lawlessness that we have never seen at other protest movements. But, the idea that George Floyd is out there alive? I am not on that wave, but some are. By the way, here is the autopsy report (click here).

I have said enough....what do you think?

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You guys are dumb for even posting this shit. This article gets you Donkey of the Day


Highly doubt a staged event. They had open casket for the family on tv. Not open for public viewing. Casket was pretty healthy in my eyes, kinda long. Looked about right. But I’m sure there’s more I just noticed those 2 off rip wasn’t fact that’s mentioned in the countdown of points.