Cops Pay Tyrese A Visit Over Social Media Hostage Joke

Tyrese jokingly holding comedian Michael Blackson hostage almost got him in trouble!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Hilarious!

Tyrese and his social media shenanigans caused the LAPD to pay him a visit at home yesterday morning after a video of comedian Michael Blackson being tied up in his underwear surfaced online.

The video even oddly enough shows Tyrese eating ramen noodles. Either Tyrese hasn't forgotten where he comes from, he's as broke as he claims, or maybe he still enjoys ramen. lol.

The video shows Blackson bound and gagged with the appearance of him being held hostage.

Anyone who has been following Tyrese and Blakson's videos know that it's all in fun and jokes since Michael has been threatening to have Tyrese traded by the dark skin delegation over his emotional social media antics.

What's hilarious to me is the fact that LAPD apparently received a million calls after the video surfaced online. Apparently folks felt that Tyrese had finally lost it and kidnapped Blackson in a revenge plot.

I didn't even take the video serious, so I don't know why others did.

Well maybe Tyrese will continue getting the help he needs, and I'm sure he's in a happy place now that he's been awarded 50/50 custody of his daughter Shayla.

According to TMZ, security informed the police that the hostage situation was a joke that Blackson was in on. LOL. Carry on.

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