Could Cardi B Be Playing The Super Bowl...Even Though She Once Said NEVER?

Could Cardi B be going back on standing side by side with Colin Kaepernick?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Remember when Cardi B said she would never do the Super Bowl until Kaepernick had a job? Well, people laughed! They were like, "Cardi ain't gonna get that invite ANYWAY, so who cares if you boycott!" Well, look at what happened...this year! 1) Maroon 5 is supposedly the group that will play the halftime show of the biggest event on TV. And 2) Cardi B has a song with them. WOW. They are reportedly in talks to have Cardi B play her OWN set during the big game. WOW! That's just wild!

Remember this?

Anyway, Kap got his bag from Nike! Cardi won't be getting paid for the Super Bowl, but you can best believe...many bags will come after that.