Craig Mack on Bad Boy Again?

Mon, Feb 18, 2002

Some rumors in brief...Word has it that Craig Mack, the first star on Bad Boy records, will be resigned to the label. True or False? We don't know but Craig recently did a remix of "Special Delivery" with G-Dep, Bad Boy's low man. Anyway, the way Puff dropped Mack after Biggie's street cred picked up was crazy ill, but it would be nice to see Mack come back to change rap.

Another Bad Boy rumor is that Puffy is going to sell the whole kit-n-kaboodle. Hey, with G-Dep being the lowest selling Bad Boy to date, it may be a good idea. Knowing Sean John, there is no way he is going to stop.

Straight outta AHH's community boards comes a rumor that Sparkle, R. Kellys old flame, is the "aunt" of the 14-year old that he screwed and violated. According to the rumor, they have been getting money out of R for years, but he decided he didn't want to pay anymore soooooooo - out comes the tape. There is something to be said about a women scorned. R should did a 12-play with some porno tapes or dressed his wife up like a lil' girl. Thats all folks!

- allhiphop rumors