Cuba Gooding Jr. May Be Trolling Us Into Thinking He's A Young Thug Stan

Either Cuba Gooding Jr. is an extreme Young Thug fan, or he has taken trolling to a new level. Fans weren't too kind to Young Thug on one of his recent Instagram posts as they criticized his music. Cuba quickly came to Thug's defense saying,

"This is better than literally anything The Beatles ever put out. Fam, I swear you finna make me catch a body. First off Thugga is an amazing rapper on a technical level, as well as being a great lyricist and stone cold G."

It looks like Gooding may be on more than alcohol from the looks of this rant and that video of him partying and putting a whole cell phone in his mouth in a nightclub. He openly admitted that his role as OJ Simpson in the FX American Crime series also took a toll on him. Let's hope he's trolling! The 'Cuba Thugger Jr.' tape is coming soon!

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