Da Baby Laughs At Fools That Thought He Should Toss Real Weed To Them!

Who are the bigger fools in this situation?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Da Baby is having the last laugh, that is for sure. But, his fans are a bit pissed because he tossed bags of WEEDS in the crowd that they thought was WEED. You know what? This is silly, but lets talk about it.

Did you guys really think this rapper was that dumb that he would throw out real weed to concert goers at Rolling Loud, the festival now know as the place to get arrested?

Earlier today (Monday), DaBaby revealed what we all knew: that he wasn't giving away any marijuana for free! In fact, on a song called "Blank Blank," he explains how he does his thing with the fake weed. "Got yo MF ass & all of them b!tches was Fake Weed when he open em up he gone HATE ME." He also condemned the blogs and websites that prematurely reported that he gave the crowd real weed.

OOPS! (At least it wasn't me!)

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That was the lamest move this year! His music is trash, his name is familiarly corny, a diaper? NC takes another whack L, corny! This is the second corniest rapper this year! There ARE rappers that throw REAL weed into the audience clown. What next, fake money?


music is trash, i can't deal with this, they don't even rap the song out no more