DAMN! A Troy Ave Sex Tape Coming? And He’s Being Extorted!

Troy Ave has had a tough year. He shot up a club and faces life in jail. He really didn’t pop off in the rap career even though he got major co-signage from 50 Cent and Hot 97. Well, his year is about to end off in a bad, bad way.

by illseed

(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently, there is a sex tape that will expose the rapper. AND the person is PUBLICLY EXTORTING HIM ON SOCIAL MEDIA. I hope the person knows that they are breaking a super big law JUST BY SAYING “HE GOTTA PAY.”

Could this be a joke or a PR stunt? I don’t know, but it sure is weird. The video doesn’t really show anything, thank god! I don’t think Troy Ave has any money! I am sure he’s strapped because of lawyer fees and the cost of living in New York City! Brooklyn is all gentrified with White folk running up the rent prices!

Here is the video in question:

Mobb Deep had a dope song called “Extortion” – Check it out!