Daniel Caesar Might Catch A Fade If He Comes Around Waka Flocka's Crew!

Looks like Canada and America may have some beef in these musical streets!

(AllHipHop Rumors) These Canadians! Sheesh! We invented everything! Now Daniel Caesar opened his dang mouth! For those that don't know, the Canadian decided that he had and opinion on America race relations. Why did he go and do that? The MF had some critiques of American Black people and somehow managed to sound like a coon! He's not even American, but he was definitely cooning. Waka Flocka got me more upset than I already was! Waka did an interview and called out the singer and told him he best not come around his Brick Squad crew.

"Bruh, don't speak American business if you not from here," Flocka stated angrily. "You said, n***a 'get over it? Make sure you stay the fuck away from Brick Squad 'cause we might get over on your ass, bruh. Don't you ever in your life talk about Black people like that. Boy, you stupid... N***a got his hair blonde. He shouldn't talk about Black people."

Daniel Caesar fixed his mouth to say that American Black people were, "being mean" to white people, and cited YesJulz as his golden goose! The crazy thing is that Julz actually "attacked" a pair of Black women who were minding their business - Karen Civil and Scottie Beam.

Ol' boy Daniel Caesar is good as dead to me. He's not even remotely remorseful and he let his thoughts known.

"I’ve said what I’ve said before and y’all tried to cancel me and I apologized like a b!tch. I don’t believe in that shit 'cause I think you guys are wrong and I think I’m right…and you can cancel me," he said boldly.


I wasn't a supporter anyway.