Dave Chappelle Takes A Hilarious Jab At Meek Mill

Recently illusionist David Blaine took a moment to freak out Drake, Steph Curry, Jimmy Butler, and Dave Chappelle with a little magic trick.

November 17, 2016
by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors) Before he took a moment to gross out his guests by regurgitating a frog (out of nowhere), Dave, in good humor, got a chance to take a quick jab at Meek Mill.

Dave took a shot at Meek Mill ahead of Blaine’s trick. Blaine asked Drake to think of a small creature that could fit in the palm of Drake’s hand, and for Chappelle to draw it. Chappelle replied saying,

“If I drew Meek Mill he’d be like ‘Aw man.’”

Drake ended up picking a frog, and Blaine “magically” and mysteriously spit out several live frogs.

How in TF?!?

We have to give it to Dave Chappelle though; that was hilarious. I just want to be as happy at Drake one day, because his laugh is always so funny and extra.