Dave East Ethers Love & Hip Hop's Masika!


Fetty Wap may have had an eye on Masika at one point, but Dave East never will.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dave East is one of the rappers that generally everyone likes. The guys respect him as a real spitter and the women find him very attractive. With all of this said, Dave East generally stays out of the way when it comes to drama and controversy. However, when you come at him, he definitely has time!

Love & Hip Hop's Moniece Slaughter and Masika made some noise on social media when they revealed who had blocked them.

Apparently Cardi B's sister Hennessy Carolina blocked Moniece, and Masika revealed that Dave East blocked her.

Masika said that she didn't know what East had blocked her for, and she made sure to add that she didn't know any of his music.

"Dave East blocked me 😩😂I️ can’t name 1 song," tweeted Masika.

Now Masika, we don't really know what exactly you do for a living either.

Masika couldn't just leave it at one tweet. No, she went on to tweet several more tweets about not knowing about East.

Dave East took several shots back at Masika, with one being a post that included him saying, "B-tches Get Blocced Everyday."

Dave even posted the viral clip of Masika having dirty feet on an episode.

Welp, Masika had even more to say in response.

"I never understood a man who subs a female and so proudly. I didn’t know they made soft scrambled n-ggas in New York. Sons mad type corny. He DM’d me something ignorant and got emotional cuz I replied just as ignorant. I don’t know her 😂nobody wanted to talk to sis I only followed the kid cuz his daughter 🤔," said Masika.

I believe Masika said Dave hit her up saying, "Ain't you Fetty Wap's baby mama," and she got offended.

Well Fetty clearly wanted to hit that, but Dave certainly doesn't. Carry on.




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