Dave East Gets Mad And Disses A Rapper, But Sounds Good!

Dave East is in a beef and it is time to get to know his adversary.

(AllHipHop Rumors) People should diss Dave East more! He sounds great when he’s angry. I don’t really know who Tray Pizzy is but I want to shake his hand, because he caused East to snap. I suck, because I actually had to do a bit of research on this. These dudes started out as buddies and then Pizzy fired a shot at East in the form of “Retribution.”

“I could tell you ain't from Harlem, they don't drip like that/ I know some real Harlem n###as, they don't Crip like that." Well, well now. A pair of Crips are beefing with each other.

I could be out of tune with it all, but it seems pointless. Dave East is a significant figure in the game and now I am aware of Pizzy. So, it's a win/win. Dave East spits some of his best bars and a new rapper emerges.