Dave East Is Not Here For The ASAP Rocky Ban On Sweden


T.I. has called for a full ban on Sweden and some have concurred, but not Dave East.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dave East is a real one. He's definitely not feeling the ban on Sweden that has been called by some artists like T.I. At first, I thought Dave would be cool with the movement, but ASAP Rocky may have truly lost his good will in the city. Rocky is from Harlem and so is East! I think this is more of a class issue. In the video, East is talking about 100k to play Sweden. That's a lot of money to me, but conceptually not a lot for bigger names.

Dave East kept it real. Keep yo hands to ya self! Let the weed man take the charge! Now, some are suggesting he was sh!tting on ASAP Rocky's whole existence. I think that was because he had that tone but he didn't exactly say "F#ck ASAP!" His tone was like, "This isn't my issue and he made a hard bed. Now lie in it." What do you think?

All of this happened at the party for Nas's The Lost Tapes 2, where East was partying. Dave East is signed to Nas via Mass Appeal and Def Jam Records. He's dope!

Oh and...

Don't give af if you help ASAP get out of jail, hoe!