Dave East Puts His Baby Mama On Blast!


These rappers have to be very careful with who they decide to have children with!

by ClassicOne

(AllHipHop Rumors)

It’s no secret that Dave East cannot stand the mother of his daughter, Kairi Chanel.

It was apparent that the two weren’t a match made in heaven when Dave announced almost soon after his daughter was born that he was on the market.


I mean dizamnnnn the baby’s soft spot wasn’t barely gone and the man was ready to mix and mingle. LOL.

Anyway, rarely do things get fixed or resolved on social media, so it got pretty ugly for both Dave and his baby mama on Instagram.

The baby’s mother Milagrito “Millie” Colin left an angry comment about her not being able to see her child under a post of East and their daughter. It didn’t take long for East to clap back either.

East claims that Millie hasn’t taken care of their daughter in two years, and that she even called the police on him claiming that he was a gang member on drugs.

Luckily the police left East alone once they realized that the child definitely lived with him. They also asked Millie to leave the premises.

Millie took to social media to ironically express how she felt that it was a shame that their business was all over social media when that’s where she put it first. She also stated that it was a shame that that was the only way she could get a response from East.

Millie claims that before Dave became a famous rapper, he was broke and she was taking care of all of the bills. She says he acts like they were never together when he knows that they were, and that they lived together.

Dave claims that Millie hasn’t taken care of their daughter since the day she was born, and claims that she’s an unsuitable parent. He actually says that he took care of her because she was the one with no income. Lawd, I hope they can work this out for the sake of the child!