Dave East Responds To Lonzo Ball's Nas Comments!


Dave East gives his take on Lonzo Ball's "stupid" and disrespectful comments about Nas.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Dave East is most of us!

Despite the fact that Lonzo Ball has been disrespectful with his comments about rap legends like Nas, most have been writing it off on him being an uninformed youngin'.

In an interview with 92.7 The Block, Dave revealed his opinion on the Lonzo Ball situation.

"I don't never; I don't get mad at nobody who's 20, 19, he could really feel that way. Nas isn't to him, what he was in my life, and the kids who grew up in the 90's. It's a stupid comment. I could bash him all day, but what I'ma get bashing Lonzo Ball because he's a kid and that's his mentality. He grew up on Future; he didn't grow up on Nas on anything of the stuff I grew up on..... He can't relate to Nas, so why be a fan of something you can't relate to," said East.

One thing I love is how Dave always keeps it real, and how he is fair with his responses. He always makes it clear that he understands multiple perspectives even when it appears that someone is dead wrong. He even previously expressed that he understands that everyone in Hip Hop isn't going to be a storyteller or a lyricist like him because it's a money game, and they don't necessarily have to. While he doesn't condone it, he gets. it.

What are your thoughts on Dave's response and perspective? Check out the video below.

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