Daz Dillinger & L.T. Hutton Go In On John Singleton Following 'All Eyez On Me' Script Leak

AllHipHop Staff

(AllHipHop Rumors) Every time the controversy surrounding the Tupac biopic, 'All Eyez On Me', seems to die down, something else sparks it up.

The reviews from the long-awaited biopic have been divided, with most being negative. For months there has been much talk about why John Singleton was allegedly fired from directing the biopic, and what was allegedly found in his script.

Now several parts of what has been said to be John Singleton's script have leaked online. Remember, Singleton came under fire when the producer of the biopic, L.T. Hutton stated that Singleton had a script that wanted to show Pac getting raped in jail, and Pac's mother, Afeni Shakur, having a threesome.

Daz Dillinger and L.T. Hutton had a little bit of time on their hands as they proceeded to blast John!

Daz posted excerpts from the alleged script, stating that Tupac would've beat John's ass over the script. He also expressed that rape is no laughing matter.

"THIS IS THE @johnsingleton SCRIPT ? @2pac would have beat his azzz over this," said Daz.

Singleton decided to respond to not only Daz but to everyone who is so concerned with his script. He asked why are people so concerned with a script that didn't end up making the movie, and he expressed that he allegedly worked on the script with Afeni Shakur.

He also goes on to criticize the film again by saying that it was supposed to be our 'Malcom X' film. Singleton says he would've never done anything to destroy Tupac's legacy, and that folks are out here giving passes to the very same folks who messed up the film, and failed to honor the man's legacy.

L.T. responded by saying that John never watched the movie or worked with Afeni. Hutton says that the deal for the film was done in 2011, and Singleton didn't come on until 2013-2014.

The entire way this film was handled and made is sketchy. Carry on. Someone is lying!



A Vibe Magazine interview with Tupac refuting the rumors of him being raped in prison has also been floating around.

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