Desiigner Is With The Sh*ts! Threatens DJ Envy, Charlamagne And Families Too!

Don't make fun of Desiigner if you want to be safe out in these streets!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh-Oh! I don''t know what Uncle Charla and DJ Envy said to Desiigner, but that man is pissed off! The two Breakfast Club hosts made fun of the Brooklyn rapper's voice and he did not appreciate the commentary. Envy and Charlamagne repeatedly made fun of D's voice like it was sweet. Apparently, Angela Yee told them they were being rude, but I admit, I did not see that part. The Shade Room captured Desiigner's revenge, where he had some harsh words for both guys.

Is it me or did Desiigner threaten those dudes' families on social media for all to see? He said: "I'm doing something good for change. I'm changing the world. I'm doing this s##t . . . I will beat the s##t out both of y'all . . . Don't play yourself. Go to work. Go to Power 105. Go to work, bro. You got kids that go to school, n###a."

Back up off Desiigner, yall!

I only wish Desiigner had kept this energy on the phone with them, but he didn't. He waited for them to be off the phone and he took it to social media. I know when something like that happens to me, I take the L. Coming back after the fact looks a bit crazy, because it was not your first instinct. Oh well, I'd pay to see them fight. Lets make it happen!

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