Desus & Mero Light DJ Akademiks Up!

Desus & Mero believe that "internet talk show host" DJ Akademiks is just mad at them because they are on television.

By Rico Panacea (@RicoPanacea)

(AllHipHop Rumors) The war between DJ Akademiks and Desus & Mero has been heating up recently, and Thursday it reached new heights.

DJ Akademiks once again took to Twitch to address the back and forth battle with Desus & Mero, when things got emotional.

Ak expressed his frustration with Desus & Mero failing to show him any respect. Desus & Mero made it clear that they still had absolutely no respect for him.

D & M think that Ak is extremely corny, and they feel like people have to earn respect in order for them to respect them.

“I been making more money than y’all before y’all even signed to y’all companies. I’ve been doing it on my own” stated an emotional DJ Akademiks.

“You don’t move yourself as a respectable individual. That’s why we don’t respect you,” later chimed in Desus & Mero after responding to DJ Akademiks stating that they don’t show him any respect.

This situation definitely escalated quickly and is on pace to fizzle out even quicker. Who do you think will win this battle between Desus & Mero and DJ Akademiks?

Desus & Mero have even named Ak "DJ Wackademiks", and they find it hilarious that Ak is trying to act hard with all of this tough guy talk.

Who are you a fan of more?