Did 50 Cent Get Teairra Mari Kicked Off Love & Hip-Hop?

Don't play with 50 Cent, because he plays for keeps!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Did 50 Cent get Teairra Mari booted from the show she is now known for? She was on "Love & Hip Hop: New York" from 2011–2012 and "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" from 2014 to the present day! But there may be a change going on with that "present day" part. The word on the street is that Tea Tea has been unceremoniously dropped from a franchise that Mona Scott-Young has built.

This would be the 6th season of the hit TV show, but sources are saying that they are not going to have Teairra Mari. They are saying that 50 Cent and his lawyers leaned on the show so hard that they dropped her. Now, this is where I am not so clear on the deal. Why would they drop her when 1) she needs the money to pay 50 Cent back, 2) including this real life drama could actually lead to a nice subplot and 3) it literally has nothing to do with the show. They are saying 50 may go straight to the network for his 30k, but I'm thinking if he won, they would just garish her wages.

Here is what people are not saying. Mona and 50 go way back. 50 Cent used to be managed by Violator Management, which was the company that Mona was a boss at with the late Chris Lighty. They were all pretty close and they also made a lot of money together. Now, Mona is still a boss, but she's not stupid. While, I don't know, I would imagine she would want to keep in good standing with 50 Cent so that they could make some TV magic in the future.

She needs to just get on a payment plan before they start adding interest.

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Seriously what happened to the REAL Illseed?!?! She owes him what barely $50 grand so 1. How does getting her kicked off of the show help him get his $$$, if he really actually wants it? 2. How does her lawsuit with him have anything to REALLY do with their show? Now that I think of it It's ironic that he's "Bullying" her over a little $ owed to him but when he lost to Rick Ross in court he filed for bankruptcy & all his "STANS" didn't have shit to say!