Did 50 Cent Know Lloyd Banks & The Game Would Meet Up Ahead Of Time?

OH 50.

Photo via 50 Cent's Instagram

Supposedly, 50 Cent knew that The Game & Lloyd Banks would reconnect ahead of time. 50 recently sat down with The Streetz Is Watching Sirius radio show powered by The Academy and DJ Sense to talk Puffy and Ciroc, Power, Kanye's antics, Desiigner, The Game and Lloyd, and more. 50 stated,

“He called me ahead of the photograph, and I listened to him, heard everything he was saying, and was like, okay cool. I don’t have passion for the situation, I don’t wake up with those intentions. I’m doing other sh*t. So when you look at it and go, when you see people say I wonder what 50 think and I go, I don’t think it matters as much, how I feel about it.’ Well [G-Unit affiliate Lodi] Mack is dead, how does he feel about it? And process is not Game’s doing far from that. But an association, it turns into something moving for someone who has been on the other side with Jimmy Henchman."

"It’s not East Coast West Coast, it’s East Coast East Coast and it turns into something else. In those situations, you go and look. I’m not alright with someone playing with someone’s kids. To be honest with you, I just spanked what’s his name (Rick Ross) for that, for playing around with my little boy."

"But if I go somewhere with you and we’re together, you wrong. I’m still with you. I tell you you’re wrong when we get to the house after the sh*t is over. Man, what the f*ck did you just do? You’re gonna do that now while we’re here?! I dare you n*gga, go ‘head! Go ‘head n*gga, you think you’re ready? Go ‘head!"

Basically 50 had prior knowledge, and whether he knew before or after, he had to let you know how he felt about it on social media. Although Game says that he's taken the grown man approach with the situation, as of right now, 50 still isn't with it!