Did 50 Cent Really Make $500 Million From Starz?

50 Cent just got richer! But how much richer did he get with a new deal with Starz?

(AllHipHop Rumors) OH GOD. You know, people can be so dumb. However, let us entertain this one. The “streets” (aka some nerd behind a computer) have been stating the 50 Cent made a deal worth $500 million with a network he dissed religiously this year. Furthermore, he leaked a couple episodes early so people got to see the show without even going to Starz. He may have been playing a bit of a game that actually got awareness higher on the show. Nevertheless, $500 million….I can’t see it. Like…seriously what is the whole network of Starz worth? Anyway, like I have said before, CONGRATS!

Oh and what is 50 cooking up with Remy Ma?

Get Them 50!

you can tell this nigg illseed don't like 50. His articles always sound biased when discussing 50. But when it comes to Meek (and his peoples), it's all praises.....trying to tell us that Omelly song is hot. FOH.

@fuh-Q youre right. Illseed been throwin shots at 50 for years. Wouldnt be too farfetched about the deal goin down tho. Power been a hit and has 4 seasons on the network so far. In addition he's releasing three new series on the network too.

huh? i love 50 but he aint bussin down $500 mill off this deal yall buggin @fuh-Q @KINGCOLD

the person who wrote this is either a hater or an idiot....that $500 million is for him to produce 3 new shows including the remaining seasons of "Power"... 50 might see a small sum of that money for being a producer and if he acts in the shows but the money is not for his own personal use...he made a similar deal with Lionsgate several years ago to produce 10 movies for $200 mill.