Did Amber Rose & 21 Savage Call It Quits Or Not?


Are they playing a PR game or something?

(AllHipHop Rumors) You know celebs know that most everything they do is under close scrutiny. So, when they make dramatic moves in the public space, it reverberates all over the place. Amber Rose is the queen of this and 21 Savage isn't a slouch either at this point.

I went to lunch and came back to rumors that 21 Savage and Amber Rose broke up. DAMN. You can just do a Slut Walk and break up. You do a Slut Walk and you are getting married, homie. Point of no return. Anyway, the rumors started when both Amber and 21 deleted each other's pictures from social media and unfollowed each other's account too. But, does this tell the story. From the naked eye, yes, but in reality, NO. The word is that 21 unfollowed a bunch of people and accidentally deleted Amber too.

That really does not explain everything. But, this is not real. This is just promotion. So, it seems like they have broken up but they say they have not. May the slut walking continue!

I did a bit of research and I see that these rumors have been pretty persistent. But, more importantly...21 Savage can fly planes! He has been in school to learn how to fly airplanes. Now THAT is fly!