Did Azealia Banks Take Shots At Rihanna?


Photos via Rihanna & Azealia Bank's Instagram

Rihanna's upcoming album 'Anti' is on the way. While many are anticipating it's release, it seems like our favorite controversial female rapper Azealia Banks, isn't too excited. Allegedly Rihanna reached out to Azealia Banks for a feature once upon a time. Before Banks was removed from an invite only party last week, she named dropped the fact that she was on Rihanna's album.

A few days ago it seems like Azealia may have shaded Ri Ri and her album a little bit. She seemed a little upset; maybe her features didn't make the album. Her tweets suggested that someone weeded her out but originally asked for her help before getting intimidated by her sound and style. Azealia went on to say she rather not be contacted to collab if the other party is going to chicken out. One of Azealia's fans suggested that the other party may have chickened out because of ego; Banks agreed. Was an Azealia Banks feature just want the 'Anti' album needed?

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