Did Bernice Burgos Take A Shot At T.I. & Tiny?

It looks like T.I.'s rumored side chick, Bernice, may be in her feelings about the Harris' reconciliation!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It's sounds like Bernice Burgos may be in her feelings.

As you know, Burgos came under attack on social media as she was accused of being the homewrecking side chick of T.I. while Tiny and T.I. were going through their divorce, that's since been called off.

Tiny and T.I. were seen being extra friendly at VH1 Honors, and you know Wendy Williams had to get the scoop when her group Xscape appeared on The Wendy Williams show.

According to Tiny, her and T.I. are calling off the divorce, and they are "figuring things out".

Now folks believe that Bernice tried to take a shot at Tip and Tiny as she posted this on her snap,

"When something is broken it can never be fixed. God says we must always forgive, but we can never forget. Hurt people, hurt people."

Remember, folks let Bernice have ittttt because she was talking reckless on social media, claiming that Tip and Tiny's marriage was already broken before she came into the picture.

Her timing, for these posts is mighty suspicious, and everyone believes that she can only be talking about T.I. and Tiny.

A lot of folks said it's ironic that a side chick would be commenting on anyone else's relationship.

Put some names on it sis! Are you saying that that their marriage is broken? Are you saying that you must forgive T.I. for hurting you?

These girls have to realize that a lot of times, these men aren't going to leave their families! Carry on.

By the way, happy birthday Tip!

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