Did Beyonce Just Shade Nas?

"Ether" is taking on new forms now that the internet is playing a roll in 2018.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Did Beyonce just shade Nas? Let me find out that Jay-Z and Beyonce are lining MFers up! How did she do it? Well, you know the internet doesn't miss anything? Apparently, Beyonce has never liked an image on Twitter - UNTIL THE OTHER DAY!

Nas dropped an album on The 16th - an infamous day now, because The Carters dropped an album the same damn day! Nas's roll out was abruptly interrupted. All the press and social media started to look at Bey and Jay! And then the memes came. WELL..Beyonce picked a funny Nas meme to be her very first picture to like! Check it out.

So, now the question is...did Beyonce really like it? Does it matter? Sure it does! We need to know if it was a social media handler or the Queen B herself! It just feels like Jay-Z has weaponized Beyonce and his now bussing shots at whoever! Beyonce can spit!