Did Biggie Really Get Naked In The Studio?

D-Roc shares details of rappers naked booth sessions!

By Ne' Richa (@IAmNeRicha)

(AllHipHop Rumors) The world’s most creative artists all have their own way of getting “in the zone.”

Apparently, Biggie may have been more “free” than what many of his fans would have expected.

The rapper was known to “bare it all” in the studio, both artistically...and physically.

D-Roc shared a few details during an interview on Tidal where he expressed how B.I.G. would strip down to his boxers during the more heated recording sessions.

Was he hot? Feeling himself? No one really knows...but it definitely seems to correlate with a tidbit of information that Diddy shared a few years back about the “Respect” interlude on Ready To Die, which featured some very convincing audio of B.I.G. receiving head.

Diddy confirmed this audio to be authentic, which adds even more charisma to the classic album that introduced us to the Brooklyn phenom.