Did Blueface's Two Girlfriends Rob Him For Half-A-Mil?

The plot just got super thick and Mama might be able to say something to her son.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Much has been made of Blueface and his ongoing soap opera. The soap all started when his mom got mad at him, because one of his two girlfriends didn't speak to her when she game into the rapper's house. The rapper then gave both his mom and his sister for bringing drama to the house of Crip. Well, they called the cops, knives were draw and here we are. The other day something went online suggesting that the homie Blueface got robbed by the same two chicks that he rode for over his own blood relatives.

Check this out. Do you think it could be true?

First things first: do you believe? I am not sure about this one. This is not even a blog post. This is a Twitter post with some words. It has not been independently verified by illseed! Y'all know I don't verify! That's what the news section is for! Let us continue! Secondly, this allegedly happened somewhere on or before July 18th. Nothing has been picked up by any official news outlets at all, despite the content being shared by thousands of people. On top of that, Bluey and the gal pals just got matching tattoos. I don't think they would show that level of commitment and then turn around and rob him of over $500k in jewels and whatever. The girls would be found and arrested faster than Blueface could throw up the Crip sign. And trust me, that's fast.

A part of me wants this to be true, for the mother's sake. You gotta listen to moms! You also cannot let anybody disrespect the one that HATH GIVEN YOU LIFE! But, I think this is bogus unless the streets is really talking on a whole 'NOTHER level...

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