Did Bow Wow Blow Money He Borrowed From 50 Cent?


Bow Wow may have made the biggest mistake of his life!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Who borrows money from 50 Cent after all that he's done as the baddest Bill Collector in the world? We have seen that Teairra Mari is finally getting her money together to pay 50 Cent. We have seen that nobody is safe, not even G-Unit members like Tony Yayo and Young Buck. Don't forget Power's executive producer Randall Emmett, actor Jackie Long and singer/actor Rotimi (who stars on "Power" as well). They all have gotten the business from FIF! Well, it appears there is going to be another person on as well.


Yes. Apparently, Bow Wow has also borrowed some bread from Fofty, which is certain to end wrong. How do we know? Well, Lil Duval, the ATL based comedian, has apparently dropped a whole dime on Shad. It seems that Bow Wow may have done the most financially irresponsible act ever: he borrowed money to make it rain! At least, that's what Duval said!


But, wait it gets worse! It seems like Trey Songz, Fabolous and others took money from the G-Unit general to make it rain as well! Now, I am not one to say don't have fun, but this could definitely go several ways.


50 Cent had jokes though.He commented on Lil Duval's wise apprehension from taking his paper to toss on people that will pick it up and run to the mall.


I gotta admit, I would be the one to scoop up the dough and hit the door.


By the way, it looks like they had a lot of fun too! 50 Cent had to pass some thot back to Trey Songz when she came down to get some from him too.


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good ol fofty right illseed. best editor out there.


This particular post is/was strictly click bait!!!! There's no REAL borrowing of $$$ going on here. I see some Rich Hip Hop/R&B artists having a good time enjoying themselves. You made it seem like Bow Wow legitimately borrowed like $250,000 from 50 & then blew it all.