Did Bow Wow Steal 50 Cent's Stripper Money?

Bow Wow may have made a huge mistake! Or did he?

(AllHipHop Rumors) The plot just thickened! Now, you know 50 Cent seemed to "treat" a bunch of his friends to stripper money and gave him the bread to make it rain. But there is a catch...50 Cent is better than the IRS at getting his money. He gave dudes like Bow Wow, Trey Songz and Fabolous went out and chilled. Lil Duval knew better and turned down the offer of taking money from the Bill Collector. Now there is a new development.

It seems like Bow Wow may have pocketed the money he was given to party. This is something I would do! What's a thousandaire like Bow Wow acting like a hundredaire like me? 50 Cent has boldly stated that Bow Wow TOOK THE MONEY!

Here is where 50 lay down his accusation.

And now, Bow Wow is banished!

Another L for Bow Wow and another W for Fofty! Damn! Fofty is a legend!

For the record, Bow Wow denies taking any money from Fofty and even says he had his "own bag."

"No, no, no, my friend. See it's called a walk through. I just got back from Chicago the yesterday—well two days ago—I came back with my own bag. N***a don't count my pockets. Stop watching me. Matter of fact, I'mma charge your ass for helping your big headed little body ass up on that bar last night. I'm charging you. I ain't security. You see nobody picked your little ass up. I picked your little ass up and put you on the bar next to us. That's about a thousand dollars right there."

YEP: 2019. Hip-Hop.

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