Did Chris Brown Get Rihanna's Approval Before Releasing His Documentary?


Chris Brown's "tell-all" documentary couldn't possibly omit the assault case between him and Rihanna. Now people want to know has he talked to RiRi before, during, or after the project.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Many of Chris Brown's fans have forgiven him for assaulting Rihanna back in 2009, and there are others that haven't.

No matter if you have chosen to forgive Brown or not, media and fans alike will always have questions about the incident and their current relationship.

Brown stopped by Hot 97 to talk new music, his documentary, life, and more.

One of the radio hosts asked him several times during the interview had he had a conversation with Rihanna, prior to or since releasing his documentary, 'Welcome To My Life.'

When the host asked him if he'd had a conversation with Rihanna before putting it out, Chris Brown replied by saying,

"I mean that's irrelevant; the movie's out."

But Breezy, it's not really irrelevant. We want to know!

It makes me wonder, did he have a conversation with Rihanna? If he did, did she give her approval and blessing?

The crazy thing about situations like this is, Chris doesn't exactly have to get the approval from Rihanna because he's arguably telling his truth.

There are ways to set some legal parameters upfront, or to sue on the back end if one disapproves with the light in which they were painted in though.

By now, it seems that Rihanna has probably certainly seen the doc, and doesn't have any problem with it. But, who knows?!

How do you think their relationship with each other is now? Brown may be chasing Karrueche from time-to-time, but I swear Rihanna is like one of the ones you don't get over.


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Bout time, RiRi practically did a promo tour when that went down and Chris stayed quiet...