Did Ciara Break The Internet Or Just Dent It A Bit?

Ciara's new pictures look good, but did she break the internet?

(AllHipHop Rumors) Ciara is out here living her best best BEST life. If you say otherwise, you are a hater, fam. She's got her man, her kid and even owns a bit of a baseball team. What she has not quite closed in on is that singing career of hers. Now, you know Ciara has hit songs. They are just a long, long long time ago! Freakin' Beyonce won't let anybody live! Anyway, it looks like CiCi is making a run back to the front of the game. She recently released these images to set the record straight on who is poppin out in these streets. Now, the big questions is, "Did She Break The Internet!?!"

You know, she's sexy and her man Russell is winning for sure. I don't think she broke the internet for the simple reason that the impact isn't the same. I ain't mad at the pictures. She's sexy! Been sexy!

I am not sure what the images are for, but hopefully it accompanies some music.