Did Coachella Producers Know That Beyonce Was Pregnant?

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh Queen Bey! How are we going to fix this?

Poor Pharrell, Beyonce just came in and eclipsed the announcement of the birth of his triplets with one baby less. Hell I even forgot that Ciara was pregnant. K. Michelle seemed to hint that she may be pregnant with twins on the same day and got blasted. Then Lauren London posted a photo of her baby's arm and the child was called a Z-list baby..... Queen Bey definitely broke the net once again.


Although there was a tremendous amount of joy and support for Bey-Z due to Beyonce's announcement that their family would be expanding with twins, members of the Beyhive were a bit worried and wanted to know immediately what this meant for their Coachella plans, since Bey has been scheduled as one of the headliners.

Apparently Beyonce's reveal came as a surprise to even Coachella producers. Bey-Bey was confirmed for the sold out festival last month, so now the festival's executives wonder what will happen next.

Well because she's the Queen she could always sit down and perform like Michael Jackson and Jesse J had to do when they broke their feet. The dancers could carry on. Honestly Beyonce could stand still and still deliver an amazing performance. I mean who hasn't seen Beyonce recently anyway especially with all of the tour dates she had on the 'Formation' tour?!

According to TMZ, sources close to AEG Live say that at least some of the big name directors had no idea about the pregnancy. No one is really sure about how far along Bey is, but the fact that she is carrying twins could make the festival a problem for King Bey. ⠀

“The show will go on. She’ll just borrow Dave Grohl’s big chair,” one of the insiders joked.

Everyone should relax, yall know Bey will still kill it!

In interesting news, sources are claiming that Beyonce used in-vitro fertilization to conceive these twins.

According to RadarOnline, Jayonce wanted to have more children for a while and they had been trying for a while with no luck, so they turned to IVF.

Well they certainly have the coins to have as many kids as they'd like. Congrats to the Carters!