Did Crayola Greenlight "Nipsey Blue" As Their New Crayon?

It is highly unlikely, but could Crayola bestow Nip with this honor?

(AllHipHop Rumors) There was a crazy honor - even in thought. Nipsey Hussle was a card carrying Crip and that's fact. Everybody knows that at this point, but when Crayola ask what the name of their new color should be, the internet didn't hesitate to respond!

Glasses Malone, Nip's Crip comrade, was the first to set it off with "Nipsey Blue."

See all those likes and reposts!? I think Crayola is thinking about it! Take a look a this!

Now, I cannot find any evidence of this anywhere online, but this "comp" exists and I think it was Crayola out there creating it. Now, they could have done it to test the waters. You know these conservative brands have conservative fans. Most of them hate Hip-Hop and probably rappers too. Crayola might be testing the waters here!

OR...it could be a simple photoshop job that somebody did on this computer in their basement. I hope they did do it and put it in a commemorative box of colorful crayons

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Headlines will read. Crayola creates new crayon celebrating self destructive gang culture. People are slow.