Did Diddy Get Engaged? To Steve Harvey's Daughter???


Did Diddy mess around and get engaged to a 22-year old woman?

(AllHipHop Rumors) It has been a minute since we heard Diddy doing something in an entertainment capacity. We have heard about him and Kim, him and the twins, him congratulating Cassie and her man, and other random stuff. We even heard him jumping out of a plane to celebrate his 50th birthday. I personally haven't heard much else, by way of music and or entertainment.

Well, I am pleased to let you know this post will not change the narrative. The word on the street is that Diddy is now engaged. How? I mean, I am not a stalker of the man, but I think I would have heard of him at least dating somebody as the purveyor of rumors. I didn't cover this yesterday, because I didn't want the site owners to get a call from Sean. But this is all over the place now.

The word is that Diddy is engaged to Lori Harvey, the daughter of Steve Harvey...and his son's ex-girlfriend? OK. Here it is. Lori Harvey was at the Ciroc party with Diddy in Hollywood the other night and she was wearing a huge rockon her ring finger. People at the party started saying that this is the ring that Diddy bought AND that she was “somebody’s wife” on Instagram. OK!

Here are some points of clarification. First of all, Lori is Steve Harvey's STEP-daughter (some people don't make an difference depending on the relationship). She is 22 and Diddy is 49, not 50 as I said above (LOL). That is still a pretty sizable difference in age, but it does not make him an R. Kelly. Now, this is odd to me, but stranger things have happened like Elvis and Priscilla Presley. You know Elvis was on that arse since she was 14. Anyway, not too long ago Diddy broke up with Cassie after 11 years of devotion. Now she's about to have a baby with the dancer Diddy hired for her. And then Kim Porter tragically died. Apparently, Diddy has proclaimed he will never mess up with a woman the way he's messed up with Kim. That said, is Lori this woman? Seems so.

Here she is!

I am not convinced this is going to be true, but time will SOON reveal.

By the way, is she evoking Kim Porter or not?

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He no different than Rkelly


He just smashing. Why pay for what you can have for free? Do yall know what marriage means? He didn't marry Kim or Cassie, but he'll jump out the plane for Lori Harvey? But then again.................