Did Donald Trump Turn Kanye West DOWN?

Some of y’all may have already forgotten about that fateful day Kanye West met with Donald Trump and distracted everybody from Russian hackers and a press conference he was going to address his business conflict of interests.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Anyway, did The Donald use this friend? I don’t know, because Kanye West has supposedly had a burning desire to perform at the Inauguration of Trump. The only thing is, nobody told him about that curve coming:

 "Image result for the curve ahead"

Trump supposedly curved Kanye West and denied the rappers request to perform. He told him NO, according to rumors! Why though? I mean, Kanye is STILL one of the biggest names in the game. Perhaps, he didn’t want Kanye rapping “Power” or raps about bleaching anal regions. EW. Anyway, now I am wondering how those “talks” about the violence in Chicago are going. LOL! Perhaps, Trump should have talked to Rhymefest, who is actually doing the on-the-ground work in Chi-Town.

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