Did Dr. Dre Try To Have Suge Killed?


Suge Knight is talking from the belly of the beast and he said he was scared Dre was gonna kill him.

(AllHipHop Rumors) You gotta love what is regarded as news. But, if Suge Knight says it, it is instantly news, right? Well, here is the latest. For a dude in jail, he has a great press agent somewhere. A new report says that Dr. Dre, the hugely successful, almost nearly a billionaire producer spent a measly $20,000 to have Suge Knight whacked. Obviously, Dr. Dre has dismissed the allegations as BS. Nevertheless, this is what is charged. Here is the catch. The 20k was only part of the payment, says Suge. The former Death Row impresario says that a private investigator gave up all the info. Why? Seems like the day Suge ran over and killed a poor man on the set of “Straight Outta Compton.” RIP Terry Carter. Suge claims he was running for his life and Terry’s death was a byproduct of that intense fear. When did Suge Knight ever get scared?! I had no idea that emotion existed within him.

When I think of Suge, all I can envision is his money dance with this chick.

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Suge lyin to save his own ass. Hope that nigga NEVER sees the light.


I have no clue as to what really happened, but I do know that Suge is snitching now... SMH Violating the rules...