Did Drake Have A Kanye Moment With Local Photographers?

Apparently Drake recently had a Kanye West moment when it came to his interaction with a few photographers. Matt Small, a hobby photographer, says he was taking pictures of a vibrant sunset from Toronto’s Polson Pier Monday when a luxury helicopter landed nearby, and produced a celebrity passenger: Drake.

Small turned his camera toward the aircraft and began to snap pictures as Drake emerged with a man and two women. According to Small, Drake and his friend approached him demanding to know who he was and telling him that he had to delete his photos. Small told Drake,

“I was just taking a picture. I’m there all the time taking pictures.”

“Drake or not, no one can really treat me that way. I was pretty offended by it,” said Small.

Small said Drake and his friend didn't intitiate physical contact with him, but they did try to take his camera and memory card. Small said when he refused to delete the photos for Drake he realized Drake's friend was right behind him. At this point he called out for someone to call the police.

“It’s just so messed up. I think they were just trying to bully me.I’m not a confrontational person. I was so anxious and panicked to get out of there. It was a bunch of punks last night, how they acted. I’m really not in this to exploit Drake. It’s just the principle of bullying and walking off and getting into your limo and pretending your actions were OK," said Small.

We know celebrities get tired of being photographed, but did Drake take it too far?