Did Drake Lie Or Exaggerate His Relationship With His Daddy?

Old people are going to spit straight facts no matter how you slice it.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Drake is the man and there is no doubt that he is a top rapper. What I am about to say, is not fair. Drake is at the tippy top of his game. I bet he's tipsy up there. Nevertheless, we have to talk about this situation, because of that fact. All rappers exaggerate and lie.But Drake's dad has seemingly dimed him out in a recent interview.

When asked if he knew Drake would rap about their relationship, his dad replied:

“No. Drake...we had a conversation about that also. I said ‘Drake, you gotta stop this man you know that never happened.’ He goes, ‘Dad, listen man. Just go with the flow. This shit sells records’.”

You are probably going to have to do like me and take their word for it, because the quote happens about 1:02:00 into the interview with Its The Real. All I can say is these dudes are funny, but this is even funnier. Just about any rapper that raps about killing somebody, is a liar. Others that rap about how much drugs they sell, is a liar. Now, there are some that are not lying, but they should. That will just get ya a$$ locked up. So, I am not going to be critical of Drake. He fibbed about his Papa.

Also, Drake revealed that he has a Rihanna tat on him. These guys will get anything tatted on their body.

The internet had jokes.

Like The Game, The Drake is an emotional dude that acts somewhat on impulse. Me? I am not tatting nobody on my body. Not even myself.

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