Did Drake Shade Cardi B On Nicki’s Behalf?

Is there a sinister plot to undermine Cardi B's rocket to success?

(AllHipHop Rumors) This rap sh#t is more grimey than you can ever imagine. Trust me on that. Hard lessons are learned and the higher you go, the more it gets dirty. Before Cardi B’s release of Invasion of Privacy, a few things were rumored. The first thing that was rumored was that Nicki Minaj was going to drop a single on the same day as Cardi’s release. This clearly would be an overtly offensive maneuver on the young brown Bronx girl. You know, these days, sister-on-sister crimes are not a good look. Both Cardi and Nicki have claimed there is no beef between them. Yeah, Nicki and Remy did that same BS too. WE KNOW THIS IS A BATTLE FOR THAT SPOT. We can say its not as much as we want, but Nicki has occupied that spot for a very long time and here comes a real, REAL challenge to Nicki, who has been extremely quiet. You know better than to think they aren’t over there plotting.

So, Cardi waits a WEEK ahead of her release to announce her album. This gives her competition very little time to maneuver and convene against her. Still, any good enemy keeps something tucked away. Clearly, we don’t know but WE DO KNOW Drake and Nicki are super cool and very smart. This song Drake has released, “Nice For What”, is being championed as an uplifting song for women and girl. On top of that, it’s a heavy, heavy video with a bunch of stars. This song just happens to drop at the same time as Cardi’s album. You think that’s a coincidence?

I don’t know anything as fact, but it has been suggested strongly that this was dropped on this day, at that time for a reason: to move people - WOMEN IN PARTICULAR - to this song. The song is seemingly exactly the opposite of Cardi. But is it? Not really. A lot of folks have forgotten early Nicki Minaj, but some of us remember that early Nicki was closer to Cardi than some pseudo feminist. Remember all that stuff about “stupid hoe” and calling Black women “monkeys”...? Do you? Here’s a reminder.

But I’m gonna do what yall do for a bit and…

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She can't touch Nikki lyrically. Yall need to stop. I've heard Nikki eat Ye, Jay and Rawse on a song before. No easy feat.


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Y'all almost had it all figured out. One minor (yet major) piece you left out. Drake's new single uses the SAME SAMPLE as Cardi's latest single....and that is no coincidence.