Did Fabolous And Emily B Get Married Or Not?

Fab and Emily B have moved on with their lives! Now, will the DA catch up!

(AllHipHop Rumors) We have been hearing rumors alllllll year that Fab and Emily B got married! Remember they have been together forever and have kids together. They also have quite a lot of drama. Earlier this year, Fab was charged with charges related to domestic violence, and he was allegedly going to pop Emily B's pops. Somebody recorded the whole ordeal and all hell broke loose! After some time, their happy home was repaired, but a lot of people are not forgiving Fab! I didn't know "we" were in a relationship with him and Emily. Anyway, it seems like things have changed dramatically.

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Not sure exactly when, but but it seems like they are married now and its fairly recent. They were apparently marred in Bergen County at the courthouse and had a very private ceremony with friend and fam. When Fab was at the BET Hip-Hop Awards, where WE were nominated for Best Website, he apparently told some people he was married. So, it was likely around that time.

Anyway, Fab still has to contend with these charges, but it looks like he will plead out. The father of Emily B has agreed to testify on his behalf. That's not helping the DA's case against the rapper. I am just gonna say:

No. 1-1

well if she didn't sign a prenup and if she gets knocked out again she can get half on that divorce...