Did French Montana Break Up Fab And Emily B?


The plot starts to thicken a bit...

(AllHipHop Rumors) I know a lot o people don't want the answer to the question, because it seems to condone domestic abuse. I disagree. Asking what happened does not say, "I agree with what he or she may or may not have done." So, sources with AllHipHop have dug around and seems to be hearing that something happened unbeknownst to Fab. It has been stated that Emily B supposedly went to Los Angeles without Fab being in the know. Not sure what their relationship is like, but that's a big deal, apparently. And, this is where the drama starts. Allegedly, apparently and according to sources..Emily B slept with French Montana when they were supposed to be working on something. See, Emily B is a stylist and she styles stars by trade. So, she was allegedly sleeping with French. Did it happen for real? I DON'T KNOW. I do want to know what makes Fab pull a knife out and gets set to stab the mother of his kids and her father. That's PURE CRAZY. There's a thing called CRIMES OF PASSION. Now, Fab didn't commit any physical crimes in the video, but he sure looked like he was about to. Thank god for his security. It seems like we almost had a crime of passion. Now, Fab is accused of knocking out Emily B's front teeth in another encounter. I am not sure of the time difference, but it seems like they had issues for a minute. We just didn't see it. Right now, most people consider Fab to be a woman abuser and it doesn't look good at all. If that picture of a battered Emily B drops, it is game OVER. Everybody, breath.


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This dude is probably going up for a minute.


LOL. Illseed wants to see the photos so bad!