Did French Montana Have Beef With Meek Mill? And When Will We Hear His 50 Cent Diss?


2020 is heating up fast with French Montana going to the booth to battle 50 Cent lyrically.

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is a lot going on with French Montana and 50 Cent. Over the weekend, 50 Cent and "Power" got started again with the last season. I would spoil it for you but I won't. If you follow French Montana, he already posted spoilers  on the show. That wasn't cool, especially if you really follow it.  I had already watched the ep when I saw the spoiler. Well, it really looks like 50 has gotten under his skin to do all that. 

Right now, French may have some other issues. These digi-streets are saying that is has been proven that either bots or hackers have been boosting the streams of his new song. (I can't lie: I don't know the name of the song still.) Joe Budden has even weighed in on the whole thing! Can you believe it? 

And then 50 pulled an old interview with Pistol Pete that really makes French look bad. I ain't gotta tell you. Read up.

Last but not least. It sounds like French Montana is taking it off of social media and on the mic. He previewed a new diss song that people are saying is fire! Now, this I can salute. I am just hoping that 50 Cent comes back with some fire. I don't see that happening, but very little would bring me more joy than to start the year off with a rap beef. 

I would like to know more about this beef between French Montana and Dream Chasers!!!